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Valley Of Ertrugol
The kingdom of monsters ruled with force of law.
Hidden in the mountains that lie to the west of Boddendell and east of the Desert Kharse lies the small Kingdom of the Eye, the Valley of Ertrugol. Mostly populated by usually cruel goblinoid races, the Lands of the Eye are nonetheless peaceful, if left alone. The eye tyrant King Ertrugol keeps watch over all his lands and will tolerate no violations of his laws; the punishments in this land are usually both swift and harsh.

Boddendell and the Kingdom of the Eye have warred several times in the past few hundred years, though current relations with them are peaceable enough... if a bit strained at times.

The current king, Ertrugol the 14th, took control of the nation when the former king, Ertrugol the 13th, died in the year 2988 AA.

Associated regions include Boddendell
Regions located within Valley Of Ertrugol include Thrul Selip
Valley Of Ertrugol is located in Geas

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen