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They Always Get Away!
Its always like this. We come up against a powerful foe, and we do our utmost to slay him or her, or rid the world of their presence or whatever, and just before we can strike the killing blow, they run away. Cowards.

Talbot was first. We ran into him twice now. Then there was the wererat and his pet witch... I have no doubt theyll want to be seeing us again after we trashed their thieves guild. Now this vampire thing... this guy just takes the cake... I mean, hes not only inherently evil and will lust after revenge, but hes IMMORTAL. We cant just out-live this one.

If there is one thing I can say for Ashton, it is that he died like a good bad guy. Granted the power of Naresh will continue to haunt us, but at least Barak is dead and gone. One less villain to deal with I say.

Were in the land of the elves now. Dean sent us here, the crazy old coot. That guy wasnt all there. I cant believe we let him send us anywhere, let alone all the way across the world to a hostile nation where the people are all depressed and blame humans for all their problems.

After a brief dream meeting with Jerick (funny how after awhile you just take meeting Gods for granted... I mean, Greens got about half of Neresh living inside of her, and we stood in the presence of the Earth Mother while she slept, and now were just talking to Jerick like it happens every day...) we decided to head for the Elven capital.

Thing is, a mountain got dropped on it 30 odd years ago, so its a big crater now. There is something there though, so off we go, trekking through hostile elven forests... this quest will be the end of me I swear. Im determined to see it through though, and nothing will take me from the side of my friends.

So come on back Talbot. Come on back you filthy wererat and bring your blasted witch with you. Get back here you wicked vampire scum... we will take you all on again and again if we have to, and we will win each time.

From the journal of Sir Aeric Of Dhoesone

Contributor: Jacob McDonald