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Young druidic deity of the cycle of life
Worshipped only in small druidic cults in Sellador, Jerick represents in cycle of life and death.

Raised in a great forest by the Elder of the Dark Oak Druid order, Jerick is a quiet, loyal, and honorable man. Seeking only to make right what has been wronged, and pursue the followers of Naresh as far as is necessary in order to stop them. Even to do battle with Naresh himself if it would save his friends from further pain. He has come to accept loss as a part of his quest, but none the less, everytime he leaves a companion behind, whether in grave or on pyre he leaves a part of himself. This quest has become personal to Jerick to ensure that none of his friendsí deaths have been in vain.
His love and knowledge of nature has proved equally useful to his lethally trained fists. His loyalty to his friends is rivaled only by his trust in them. He is willing to lay down his life for any of them.

Recently deified, Jerick was once a mortal who was a member of the Dark Oak Druidic Order and one of the founding members of the Heralds Of The Dawn.

Races who worship Jerick are humans, high elves, half-elves
Jerick is worshipped in Sellador
Jerick is the god of The Cycle Of Life And Death
Clerical Domains: Animal, Repose, Renewal, Creation, Fate
Jerick is a member of the Aeonae Modus, Heralds Of The Dawn, Dark Oak Druidic Order, Garanlyon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen