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Dean Selvarlas
Dean was orphaned, with his twin brother Thomas, at the age of five by his parents at the wizard school of Lloleyn. Under the watchful eye of Aranor, Dean became a full-fledged wizard and journeyman alchemist. Dean watched as what had become his home and everything he loved was destroyed by a rogue comet. Dean has since been swept up in an adventure that seems to be tied in with the fate of the world, though Dean has no clue as to what his part is in the scheme of this. He is currently wanted in Selador for questioning pertaining to the burning of Braes. Dean was killed in a battle with a beholder and reincarnated by Elana Firemantle as a Shadow Elf.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Selador, Kharse, Gideon
Dean Selvarlas is a member of the Heralds Of The Dawn
View the journals of Dean Selvarlas.

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Contributor: Andy Minegar