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The Sealing Of Sellador, A Fragment
Some fragments of the writings of the rebelious elven sage Erelin survive to this day. Of those, the following is presented:

The mists were not made by the elves, though they ultimately took credit for it. A god can seal a domain off from all other gods, but at the price of their own immortality and power. Much as Zanath sealed away the Underdark for many centuries to protect the world from the mind flayer threat, Aesia did the same to protect her chosen people, the humans of Sellador, from the elves of Tel-Tenauril.

This arose out of a conflict between the goddess Aesia and her husband, Aradhrath. He could not cope with the loss of his wife and the appearance of the goddess Aesia, who was so much like his wife and yet so different. The humans worshipped her, and she loved them. Aradhrath was jealous of this love and threatened to go to war with the human empires. Aesia, to protect the humans, forsake her former lover and sealed away Sellador from the outside world.

As much as the humans could not get out of Sellador, the elves could not get in... except for the point at which Aesia entered the sealed off realm, the point at the southern border of Tel-Tenauril where the lands nearly touch accross a small strait.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen