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Saints Of Aesia
Deific beings who serve Aesia
In the time when Aesia sealed Sellador away from the rest of the world there emerged a group beings known as saints. Not quite gods yet definitely not mortal, the saints were essentially demigods. Not material in any sense, as the gods, but not as completely powerful and still serving a deity.

These beings served Aesia and were her servants, yet each held their own domains and specialities. It is in this way that mortals can still worship the goddess Aesia and yet devote themselves to other aspects of life that are not necessarily represented in her direct portfolio.

During the brief span of years in which Aesia's power was stolen by Aram the fallen, the Selladorian Saints answered prayers on Aesia's behalf.

Members of the Saints Of Aesia have included Saint Arron Of The Silver Palm, Saint Bertram

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen