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Still waters where once stood the capital of Sellador.
"...all that met our gaze was a wall of fire miles high, rushing outward from where Loleyn should be..."
From the Journal of Jerick, Druid of Aesia

Lloleyn was once the capital of the human nation of Sellador. The city was nearly a thousand years old and was the seat of power for the Selladorian church of Aesia.

Over the ages it had survived countless wars between petty lords and warmongers, standing like a beacon of hope to the people of Sellador.

Three hundred years ago Lloleyn was proclaimed capital of Sellador, governed by a council of merchants, clerics, and town elders. For a little over a century Lloleyn had known nothing but peace.

It was completely annihilated by a rogue comet, one of the harbringers of Naresh, in the summer of 2985 AA.

All the remains of this once mighty city are miles of blasted farmland and a huge lake, marked by a central island. Though the land is begining to recover from the destruction wrought by the mountain of fire, the spirital wounds dealt to Sellador have only festered. The lake is seen by many as a cursed and haunted place while others see it as a place of reverence. Other than a single ranger outpost and the occasional pilgrim or traveller, Lloleyn lake is a grey and lonely place.

Inhabitants: Human
Lloleyn is located in Midland

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen