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Human deity of fate and magic.
Aranor was the human aspect of the deity of magic, destiny, and time that is present in almost every single racial pantheon on Geas. Though each are seperate entities, they are still simply different faces of a greater primal force. They almost always work together, but have at times come into conflict with eachother when their interests came into opposition.

Aranor was known as Evendour the Artificer amongst the dwarves, Evendar Timekeeper amongst the gnomes, and Ethrendor amongst the elves.

Aranor saw his greatest time of worship during the height of the Atman Empire which was rich in magic and arcane achievement. At the time Aranor was a relatively young deity whose brash attitude was reflected in the spirit of the time. Since the fall of Atma Aranor has matured a great deal. His modern avatar is that of an elderly, almost senile old man. Though more cautious, he would still occasionally display a bit of the mirth he held in his youth.

In his human guise Aranor was the spokeman for the now destroyed city of Lloleyn. He had a strange habit of appearing when you least expect him to and alluding to the future. He was a bit odd at times, even downright blunt in his tellings. He revealed this and that along the way... but never the entire truth. Lord Aranor had proven to be quite an enigma, yet a popular spokeman amongst the people nonetheless.

Unfortunately Aranor was destroyed in a conflict with an aspect of Naresh in the year 2988, giving his power to aid a group of mortal who saught to save the world from deific destruction. Aranor never had many worshippers in the modern era, and those who worshipped him have converted to the worship of Jerick or Ethrendor. Those very few who still, out of ignorance of his death, worship Aranor directly are granted their powers by one of these two dieities out of respect for their fallen friend.

Aranor's favored weapon was the quarterstaff.

Races who worship Aranor are human
Aranor is worshipped in Atma, Sellador
Aranor is the god of Destiny, Luck, Decision Making
Clerical Domains: Luck, Magic, Fate, Spell
Aranor is a member of the Aeonae Modus, Atman Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen