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Ice Demon set free in the mortal world.
The ice demon known as Gazardath was a cruel and cunning being who hid his true motives behind a veneer of cowardice and petty spite. In truth he was a calculating and ambitious demon who sought dominion over the cold arctic wastes of northern Geas.

In 2692 AA Gazardath used the Sphere Of Winter, a powerful artifact capable of controlling the forces of ice and cold, in a bid to take control of Argusund. From the fortress Froreheim he sent his demonic legions and undead forces south to exterminate the populace. His plans failed, however, as even though the humans of Argusund experienced devastating losses at the hands of the fiendish invasion they were eventually successfull in defeating Gazardath and banishing him back to The Hells.

In 3024 AA Gazardath was summoned back to the material realm by the undead white dragon Kalidrax as a part of his plans to seek revenge against Magmar, his hated foe. In exchange for sacking the city of Virnskeggi and luring Magmar out from his hiding place, Gazardath was fully sommoned onto the material plane to wreak havoc as he saw fit. In exchange for his loyalty Kalidrax gave Gazardath the Sphere Of Winter, which had fallen into his posession in the years since the ice demon's defeat.

Later that year Kalidrax was defeated by the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear, freeing Gazardath from his servitude. From a newly constructed Froreheim, created near the ruins of Virnskeggi, Gazardath hatched a new plan to gain control of Argusund.

In 3025 AA he sent his fiendish servants south to attack the humans, this time focussing their efforts on the city of Huld. The humans, already weakened by the seige of the armies of Kalidrax earlier that year, stood little chance of survival. It was only the timely intervention of the Gideon Mercenary Corp and the aid of Freya, a former servant of Kalidrax, that saved them from destruction.

In 3026 AA Gazardath aligned himself with the fallen angel Aram in an alliance of survival; with the destruction of his fiendish legions it would take Gazardath time to rebuild his armies. This alliance would prove to be his undoing, however, as the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear, sworn enemies of Aram, would come to Froreheim seeking their captured friend Elana Firemantle and vengeance upon Iarond Duvale, a liaison of Aram sent to Froreheim to lay a trap for Aram's enemies.

In a battle that shook the halls of the ice fortress, both Iarond and Gazardath were finally slain.

Alignment: LE
Associated Regions: Argusund, Virnskeggi

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen