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A Sad Day For Us All
The monsters even resort to useing a defenseless gnome.
We laid Jas to rest in the near by foilage. I wish we could return him to his desert homeland but for now this will have to do. Gim seems to be feeling the loss of Jas the most. I swear I will avenge him. The aboleths will pay for this.

After bidding our companion farewell we began our walk back to the ship and whatever disaster the smoke came from. Our arrival brought us no respite from the ill fortune of the day. The Rose Pearl is wrecked. I couldnt believe it when I saw it. Our way off this blasted island lay leaning and smoking in the bay. It turns out one of Gambolts potions exploded in the kitchen and now the Captain and other crewman want to put him on the wailing rock.

I dont believe for a second that the gnome is responsible. It has to be those damned creatures again. I couldnt let the gnome face the rock for this and tried to talk the Captain out of it. I dont think he agreed with my but with Arcelias help we gave him enough to think about that he allowed us to take Gambolt and take a day to prove his innocence.

Arcelia returned to Freeport with us saying she had to find storage for her maps. This led us to the temple of the Haldras and a crafty high priest. A dwarf by the name of Atrius was the high priest and only priest. I liked him immediately and was all too happy when Tenedos finally gave up that sword to Atrius.

At this point we relized we had all but run out of leads to pursue. I cant believe I offered to drink that vision potion. Well it worked and I got my vision not to mention a headache as well. I saw an elf named Attazar in strange robes giving the evil sword to none other that Talbot. He is another one I mean to catch up with. This was happening in the back room of the sign of the turtle. Guess thats our next stop. But first things first. We need to clean up and rest. Attrius suggested the next door inn, he must get a pay off for this.

The inn is nice enough and I was glad to have bath. I decided to wash my new black clothes while the others got a table. Gim wandered in from the street to talk to me while the others were absent. He told me about Arcelia having a strange reaction when Attrius insulted the orders. I didnt like hearing this I thought she could be trusted but now I will have to be wary of here motives. We talked more and rejoined the others. While we were toasting the deeds of Jas we were joined by a very large person. His name is hunter and he claims to hail from the peaks of Citadel. Enough I left them at that point and went to bed letting Grizzlegast join the party while I stayed with Gambolt. Tomorrow is going to be dangerous and I want to be rested.

Associated Regions: Baratoria
From the journal of Rorrin

Contributor: Mark Hughes