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The sun is barely free of the horizon, and I have been roused from my reverie no more than ninety minutes, but already it feels as though days have passed since last I rested.

It is a rare day when I receive a visitor who has called for me, personally, and does not seek an audience with Suzara . Dolartu still visits and acts as diplomat to El-Alahd, but the desert remains his home and his appearances in the absence of new developments in Curmeah are become fewer. Jacques would not accept the ring we offered to him, so his visits were rare at best. I have not seen him for many years. Anwar was an only slightly more frequent visitor, and likely due to proximity. Her life with Horus seemed to suit her well, and when last I saw her, which was also some years ago, she seemed both happy and content. And Arilyn. Like Dolartu, she visits still, on occasion, but her duties as defender of Lochlainn keep her busy, and my last report of her was that she was trying to rally its people for...something. Another day of the year given over to an orgy of drinking, perhaps. And Mother, Father, and Durtaril visit at least once a year. Emlan, I think, will never forgive me for what happened with the Garanlyon. It still rankles that I wholly underestimated the political support they had, even after I revealed their true purpose; I think Emlan hates more the fact that I outed them over the attempted disbanding.

But I meander in my own thoughts. It is rarer still that I am visited by someone who is not kin or a member of that old circle. Yet Lothloran roused me even before daybreak to announce just that. (Personal note: I must find a way to send him back to Sellador. He is too much good as a bridge between us, and knowing the truth of Aesia's return at that, to sit here serving as a glorified batman.)

My visitor turned out to be none other than Roven...bah, curse my preoccupied mind, Sir Roven of Truendore. I had barely seen him since my friends and I defeated Aram. And his news has hardly made him enjoyable company thus far, and he will have little opportunity to amend this circumstance; he agreed to accept our hospitality for but a day, and he is off again, back to Sellador. He claims he has too much to do to remain here. Even now he is washing and grabbing some few minutes' rest.

He spoke of a darkness rising at the borders of the Free Nations. That would likely put it in the new Bloodskull Barony. Nothing more specific, only the cryptic "a darkness". If ever I should receive news of a threat or foe that was clear, unambiguous, and direct in its first telling, I believe I should die of sheer surprise. Still, I doubt Sir Roven would travel all this way on unfounded rumor, so it is better to have cryptic and hidden than nothing at all.

Until I learn of something a little more concrete, however, I will not bring it to Suzara's attention. She has enough demands on her time, and credible information though this may be, she can no more act upon what we have than can I. And repurposing the Garanlyon is slow and tedious work: they have years yet before I can trust their loyalty for any sort of task beyond our borders. Damn the Council, damn its members, and damn the fool nobles who made disbanding it impossible!

If only Anwar or even Horus were still around; they'd be nigh perfect to see what was transpiring out there. Perhaps Lothloran can be convinced to accompany Sir Roven....

From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz